General Pest Control

Our staff are thoroughly trained and equipped to control all types of pests in restaurant, hotel, apartment, houses, office, commercial, industrial building such as factories, warehouses, granaries. General pest control includes hornets, bees, mites, weevils, ants, flies, silverfish, birds etc.


General Cleaning

Keeping your building glass clean is similar to keeping your business running. KCS has the most suitable glass cleaning facilities to make your business environment clean and tidy, and, moreover, to help build your business image too! Carpet shampooingIs your carpet


Termite Control and Prevention

It goes without saying that subterranean termites are disturbing factors that may cause costly and serious damage to our properties and buildings. Therefore, we have to take necessary actions to control termites if the damage becomes visible, and to prevent

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Welcome to Khmer Cleaning Services Co., Ltd

Welcome to Khmer Cleaning Services Co., Ltd

KCS Co., Ltd. is an integrated pest management company, which was established many year ago. During the course of its business operation, KCS has enjoyed a remarkable reputation for its reliable service, and for the high quality products and equipment it uses.

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What is our Vision & Mission?

A corporate role model of other Cambodian companies, in terms of responsible business practices and our commitment to the development and standard of living in Cambodia.

Our Vision

Our commitment to improving the quality of life of our customers by providing them with a clean and healthy environment in which to live and work.

Our Values

Our Mission:

Is to provide our customers with the best cleaning, pest control, and landscaping services to be found in Cambodia. Training, developing and rewarding all the members of our team so that we retain people with world-class knowledge and experience that are committed to our customers. Committing to the highest health, safety and environmental standards.